inspired beauty body & soul - a salon and day retreat for your mind, body, and soul.
our massage therapies are performed by expertly trained, certified and licensed therapists. prior to your treatment they will meet with you to discuss your needs to provide you with a sincere, professional, healing experience.
please mention your choice of 60 or 90 minutes sessions when booking your appointment.
classic full body massage a blend of classic movements to achieve therapeutic results.   60 or 90 minutes...85/110
hot stone massage the therapist expertly uses warmed stones to massage
and relax the body.  70 minutes...120
pre natal massage a nurturing, balancing treatment for the mother to be.
60 or 90 minutes...75/110
deep tissue perfect for the serious athlete or the weekend warrior
to relieve achy muscles. 60 or 90 minutes...85/120
body glow relax with a salt scrub to exfoliate and reveal smooth, fresh skin. completed with an application of a hydrating body creme. may be added to our classic massage...40
thai herbal compress a combined use of steam heated herbal compresses & massage. breathe in the herbal blend of camphor, euccalyptus and  lemongrass to name a few. take home the compresses from your session to continue your spa experience at home either as an aromatic tub soak or
for hot /cold compresses 60 minutes....125
red flower ritual...120
Mary Lou Schaeffer, RN,MS,PHN,CMP invites you to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of The Trager Approach, a system of gentle, non-invasive movements developed by Milton Trager, M.D., which facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and improved mental clarity. Through one or more sessions of The Trager Approch you can experience- with enjoyment- the release of deep seated restrictions. all treatments include aromatherapy and the use of an original, custom blended all organic shea butter which helps minimize neuropathy.
60 or 90 minutes.100/130
Wayne Hoffintegrates years of training and experience to create a unique and personal system that gently and rapidly moves you from "dis-ease" to health. please see his separate menu and website for a more in-depth explanation of his work.